One of the ways to check the size of the site before uploading it to the browser to use a special online service. Take, for example, Go to this website. Under "Popular services" click "to Measure the size of the site". On the form what URL to measure the size of the main page" you will need to enter the address you are interested in the site. Please note that the program will measure the size that is the main page of the site.
You'll get a complete picture of the proportions of all the elements that make up the page: size of HTML page layout, the total weight is a CSS resource, the size of the JavaScript page weight including graphics specified in CSS. The data is specified in bytes and percentage. You will also see a graph with the proportion of different elements of the page. Graphic elements will prevail on the pages of large size. In the last line, look at the total weight the main page of the site. Knowing the size of the main page of the site, you will be able to decide whether it should load in your browser. This is especially true if the resources of your PC are limited.
When creating pages of the site also need to measure their size. Webmasters appreciate the size before publish page of the site on the Internet. Thus, this service is useful to both users and creators of web pages.
If you want to determine the size of the entire site, you will have to determine the size of all of the pages. To do this, save each page by selecting to save the web page completely. Click on the folder with the saved data, right-click, select "Properties". Repeat the procedure for each page of the selected site. Summing up the results of the measurements, you will receive the weight of the entire site, i.e., determine its size.