Pomegranate juice is easy to squeeze out with a conventional juicer. Wash the pomegranate under cold water, cut in half and press the press to a special cone. The main disadvantage of this method is that you will not be able to remove all the partitions, so the juice will taste bitter.
You can squeeze the juice by hand. Take a pomegranate, cut off the tip of a sharp knife, cut in several places garnet and soak in cool water for a few minutes. Then, holding the fruit under water, gently break the pomegranate into several parts and the seeds themselves will fall into prepared dishes. Allow the beans to dry and put them in a thick plastic bag (you can use more thin). The package lay on a cutting Board and repeatedly tap with a hammer or rolling pin. Make the package a little hole and drain the juice into a glass or decanter.
There is another "popular" method. Take the pomegranate, wash and remember it in the hands of all sides to a soft consistency. For this method you must have a good physical preparation, otherwise, one grenade will get quite a bit of juice. In a rumpled grenade with a knife make a hole and pour out the liquid.