Pull out the cartridge from the printer, take a cloth for cleaning computer equipment and carefully wipe the nozzle plate outer element of the printhead cartridge. Now take a clean cloth and put it on the cartridge so that the print head was at the bottom.
Remove the cover of the cartridge sticker and prepare a syringe with a thin needle for refilling are filled with ink of the desired color. The ink color should match the color of the hole in which you pour them. Only three holes — the number of three colors of ink. Pour each color at a time, inserting the needle into the hole.
Fill the cartridge with ink until, until you see their excess in the intake hole. After that, the syringe need to get, thoroughly rinse and dry the needle, and then dial the other inks and refill the reservoir with the next color.
Ensure that the ink is not mixed in the cartridge, wipe and rinse the syringe, wipe the excess ink on the cartridge.
After filling all the holes the right colors, tightly cover them with a sticker or tape. Then take a fine needle and pierce the tape over each hole.
Check if the ink nozzle plate and the printhead. Clean cloth, ink residue, make sure the cartridge is clean and ready to use.
Insert the cartridge into the printer, turn it on and check the correctness of printing.