You will need
  • Paper, pen, calculator and imagination.
Clearly define the purpose of the master class. To do this, answer the question: what do you expect? Don't confuse the class name with its purpose.
The name of the master-class "How to learn to turn language into a tube", it is to make ice cream, and then to organize a class in sculpting ice cream snowman. We can distinguish the following main goals:1) the Receipt of income from the sale of its experience, skills, knowledge.
2) sale of products (for example, a class on cutting carrots with a knife that you want to sell). This class also focused on receiving income only through the sale.
3) customer engagement. In this case, the event is often free or for a nominal fee. For example, you will learn to decorate the different gizmos using products you can buy from the organizers of the master class. The ultimate goal is generate and increase income.
4) Master class just. For a good reason. Free. This also happens!
Define your target audience. How many people do you expect and what you'll need. If you are the author of class, think about how many people you "master". Better to start with a small amount (for the creative class is 3-5 people). Then you can increase the number, on average, up to 10 people. It depends again on the objectives, budget and venue.
Make a plan of the event. Mount it to the smallest detail. Specify the time of each stage. Be aware of various force-majeure situations and think of ways out of them. Frequent force majeure- the lack of time.Specify everything that you might need for class. Supplies, cookies for tea...
It is time to create a budget. Count all the costs (don't forget about advertising). Write down expected income. Correlate expenses and income. Cost-effective is your idea? It is possible that you do not receive income and pay expenses out of pocket. As a rule, this advertising campaign, aimed at increasing income in the future.
Think about when to hold the event (in the evening on a weekday or weekend). Stand in the shoes of your potential participants: when would you be comfortable in their place? Assign the date of the
Solve the issue with the room. For a class, you can use the territory of the customer or his, but you can rent. Search for suitable option based on the event budget.
Start to gather participants of the master class. To do this, take care of advertising and registration of potential participants. Purchase consumables. Practice. Pick the image (clothes, shoes, makeup, hair).