With the development of new technologies and the invention of diapers the kids for a very long time can not ask for a pot for the sole reason that they do not feel discomfort when the "accident". The diaper remains dry, and the kid does not know what to ask on a pot. Therefore, despite the convenience of modern diapers, it is better to use them only at night and on the walk.
Some children from 3 months of age can hold her urine during sleep. If the parents are very attentive, you can see how the child behaves when she has to pee. He begins to worry, cry, groan or make other sounds that let you know about the problem child.
With 6-8 months of age (it's all individually) it is already possible to perch the baby on the potty or hold baby over the potty. This should be done immediately after waking and before going to bed, offering to do personal needs. To be very considerate, the behavior of the child to know what he have in the pot.
When a child begins to walk, he realizes that where he needs to do, so very often the children themselves are mothers pot. Usually they do this when they want the toilet or after make matters.
In order to quickly teach the child to ask on a pot, you need to do is to perch it on him. When the child asked himself, be sure to praise him. If a kid came up to you in wet pants, it is necessary to bring the child to the potty and again to explain what you need to do these things.
Buy a beautiful potto keep the child interested to use this object.
When the baby comes to you with a pot already wet his pants or asks for a change of clothes - don't abuse it. If the child shows a desire to make natural needs, making certain sounds or showing some movements, such as squatting – this means your child is ready to do it yourself. But he just needed a little more attention on your part. Love your children and they will tell you the same.