Consider the first option. You broke or spilled a bottle of perfume on the floor or on the carpet. If the spirits were of very good quality and have a very persistent and strong smell, so much so that in order to potushitsya them's just a pair drops, the struggle with the smell could lead to a real war.Withdraw from the scene of the tragedy and from the whole apartment the smell will be very difficult. To begin with, not to resort to more radical methods, put water containers next to the "victim" of the work of perfumers. There is a method for the more bold and desperate women. Ignite paper or nacrite in the apartment so that the axe could be hung. Need it to smell of perfume mingled with the smell of burning and smoke. Then thoroughly ventilate the room.There are also special sprays - destroy odors. They smell no. There is a Japanese series of sprays as removes odor from the clothes and from the area, where he was spilled perfume. They are, as a rule, not suitable for clothing and materials, poorly-absorbent.There are also sprays – destroy smells for the animals. Sold in a large range in pet stores. Destroy not only the smell on the carpet that shat dopey puppy, but will help eliminate other odors.If briefly, then you can obuchenii carpet sprinkle baking soda and then vacuum. There are also various tools for cleaning carpets as dry (vacuum cleaners), and foaming (detergent)To eliminate odor from the clothes as for the banal appeal to the dry cleaners.
A variant of the second. Mainly the smell you have on the skin and hair. If the smell of perfume you need to remove from the surface of the skin, try the following methods. Their effectiveness is, of course, depends on the quality of the spirits. The smell of the spirits low or medium quality will leave you much easier and faster.First try wetting a cotton swab and alcohol liquid (not spirits of course!) and wipe those areas of the skin that you neferkare". Try plain white soap with no smell. Try wiping the skin area with a solution of baking soda.
If that doesn't work, is to resort to the second point. To do this, mix in equal proportions olive oil and vinegar and apply on area of skin for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water and regular white soap with no smell.If the situation is just catastrophic, you poured a ton of perfume, and coming from you smells like a perfume shop – take a shower with a jar of ground coffee. Carefully RUB the entire body and hair. Coffee will help get rid of the most steadfast, what is contained in perfumes is essential oils.