According to article 16 of the law On citizenship, become citizens of Kazakhstan can:

  1. Persons permanently residing on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan within 5 years, and at the time of the application of the five-year period must be continuous

  2. Spouses of citizens of Kazakhstan

  3. Persons with close relatives who are citizens of Kazakhstan residing in its territory. Among close relatives include parents, brothers and sisters, spouses, grandparents.

There is a possibility to obtain the citizenship of Kazakhstan conventional and simplistic way. A simplified procedure for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, were also citizens of the USSR, or having close relatives on the territory of Kazakhstan.

To obtain citizenship in a simplified procedure it is necessary to petition in the name of the chief of the regional police Department to reflect the motives of his desire to receive citizenship. The petition must attach the documents:

  1. The identity document (national passport) and a copy of

  2. Marriage certificate, divorce, birth of children.

  3. The application form in the prescribed form, 2 copies

  4. A written commitment of compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the prescribed form, 2 copies

  5. The application to the police chief of the region about reception in citizenship of Kazakhstan

  6. A detailed autobiography in free form, 2 copies

  7. Photo 3,5x4,5 full face without headgear, 4 pieces

  8. A copy of the document confirming any of the terms, allowing the possibility of obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a simplified way

  9. The information about the presence or absence of a criminal record

  10. Receipt for payment of registration fee (citizens of Ukraine are exempt from payment of state fees)

  11. A document confirming permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  12. The proof of exemption from military duty or its performance (only for citizens of Ukraine