It is possible to solve the problem automatically redirect visitors to another website only using HTML (HyperText Markup language "hypertext markup language"). It is a command (meta tag), which tells the browser that after loading the current page should start loading another. This meta tag contains information (attributes tag) of the address redirection and time through which to send the request to a page on another website. Look it can, for example, like this:<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="5; URL=http://www.kakprosto.EN">This Refresh - this is a code word that triggers the redirection mechanism. Figure 5 indicates that the process should start in 5 seconds after loading this page. This time it may be necessary to the visitor, for example, had time to read the message you put in this page. If this pause is not needed - check the zero. And URL=http://www.kakprosto.EN contains the address to which the browser should send the visitor. To put this meta tag in the header should be part of the source page between the tags <head> and </head>.
Another method is implemented using the JavaScript programming language. You will need only one line of code to redirect the web surfer to the correct address. It may look like this:window.location.reload("");Or:document.location.replace("");Or:document.location.href="/";Here you only need to replace the address that you need. This command must be placed inside tags that tell the browser that it is written in JavaScript:<script type="text/javascript">
</script>But these three lines in turn, it is better to knead in the same header area (between <head> and </head>).
After you select one of these options, open the page, e.g., page editor management system websiteohms. Switch to edit HTML code and find the </head> tag. Copy the prepared code redirect (JavaScript or HTML) and paste it before this tag. Then save the modified page.