Experienced moms and psychologists suggest, if the kid is very often wakes up in the night, change his game mode. So, should play a more active and outdoor games to make the kid tired. In the evening (an hour before sleep), is permissible only calm and quiet games. Additionally, you cannot play with the baby in the nightwhen he wakes up.
Games on fresh air
Also helps prevent night waking and some ritual of laying the child to sleep. For starters, you can make a soothing herbal bath for the baby (be careful with allergies and a selection of herbs). Next is to make the baby a soothing massage. Many experienced mothers suggest before going to bed to wrap the legs of the child. However, note that the ritual will bear fruit, if the child is always to sleep only in one and the same time. Also he should be a clear agenda.
Very often small children Wake up in the night because they are hungry, or during the period of teething. In the first case, it is recommended to feed densely the child for the night. The second will help cooling gels and also some special children's drugs, which you can pick up for the baby, talking to your pediatrician.