First of all, make it a rule, to summarize the results of the reporting period, the movement of their funds. For example, on the last day of each month, you calculate the amount of money I managed to earn thirty days, and divide it into several parts. The first half of the amount immediately postpone from itself, and the second to decide what needs to spend it (on food, utilities, etc.). Yes, I have something to infringe on the somewhere to save. Lay out a list of those people you have, and divide the amount into equal shares so everyone got one. If you have someone pressing for a return of the debt, try to pay tribute to him in the first place. It is important in this day to call each person from the list and report for the past month – how much money have you received as you ordered them and what amount, of the debt intend to give him. Even if this amount is negligibly small, your friend will be happy that you don't forget, remember about the debt and little by little accumulate the necessary amount. Psychologically he will relax after your call, and will not be required in a short time with your money.
To take money on credit from the Bank to distribute to friends debt is not the best option. So you extend the financial dependence and the result will overpay more than is required. Best of all talk with every person who gave you the money in the debt and set the repayment period of the money, the most suitable to him. If your friend is willing to delay the time, you can the money earned during the reporting period to put in the Bank for interest. Let the percentage be small, but still, progress will happen in a positive way than negative. And to keep money in the Bank is safer.
Arrange a part-time job, if the basic wage is not enough to pay debts. You can look for jobs as a waiter, entertainer, merchandiser, courier, etc. is always at desire it is possible to find. Importantly, on a daily basis imagine how you've distributed all the debts, and began the carefree life. Thoughts are material, so we have to think in a positive direction.