In 3 months the children are very fun to pounding arms and legs on various subjects. So you can safely hang the rattle so that the baby could reach them. These rattles it is advisable to constantly change, as one can quickly get bored baby. And you can even make your own rattle! It's enough to reach through the crib gum and hang on it. You can also cut out a cardboard circle and draw a face on it (and you can just cut out a face from a magazine and glue on a cardboard circle) and mount this circle on the same band.
Sing baby songs, read stories, tell interesting nursery rhymes and nursery rhyme. Can try to call the baby by name. To do this, telling a poem or letting simple poem to change words like "baby", "baby", "baby", etc. in the name of the child.
In three months the child is able to hold various objects in their hands. So let him hold the rattle, but remember that they should match the age of the baby, i.e. to be light enough and have no sharp corners. Another original way to entertain three children – is to make it small balls made of different materials and stuff them with cotton wool. Make such balls can be made of velvet, satin, corduroy, wool, silk, artificial fur, etc.
How else can you entertain a child who is 3 months? You can play with him in "cuckoo", it is possible to blow bubbles, you can watch your Pets, you can enable the little one to classical music, or special music for kids. It is also possible every day, walk with your child, make him a special baby massage, let the baby swim in a tub, using special child, which is worn on the neck.