You will need
  • stones, paint, decorative sculptures of animals, birds or gnomes.
Each kindergarten is unique, and private, cultivated land gives children a sense of accomplishment and teaches responsibility. It is at the site the children become more familiar with nature and learn about the relationship of plants and people. And it is so important when the little man grows.
For the decoration phase you can even involve children, because kids love to Tinker in the ground and learn new things. Create your own small garden on the plot. To do this, to fence off a small area with a small fence or a border of stones, will look good hedge or netting from the branches of birch. Involve children, explain to them every little thing.
To garden had bright colors, you can plant marigolds, nasturtiums and marigolds. To plant those flowering plants that grow quickly. You can bring plants, they will fit on the stump, in the ground or flower bed. Themselves pots paint colors or decorate with tiles.
How to decorate the site of the kindergarten
Great decoration will serve as decorative sculptures of animals, birds or gnomes. Always attract the eye snow-white swans. A fun look Amanita, boletus and simple hemp. All of these sculptures will create a special warmth in the area.
How to decorate the site of the kindergarten
You can build small ponds, using boats, large vessels embedded in the ground. Around the reservoirs lay out different paths of stones-pebbles. Give the children paint, they will paint stones in different colors. It should be remembered that the huge stones of good alone, and small in the community. Of small stones can be to build a slide. Taking a few colourful cups, you can create a caterpillar. The Cup should be dug into the ground one after another and to make eyes, mouth and other details. If you were able to get some stumps - excellent. From big and small penechki get dwarves, Treefolk, goblins, characters from fairy tales and assorted funny men.
How to decorate the site of the kindergarten