The choice of video format for Nokia phone depends on its particular model. The most popular series of this phone tend to support the formats MPEG4 and 3GPP. MPEG4 is mainly reads files downloaded from Internet and create commercial companies. It provides a good picture and sound and has the most optimal ratio of size and quality of the content file of the content. On Nokia models in recent years as the main format for records using MPEG4, standard resolution which is 352x288, 640x480. Supports almost all models of Nokia: C6, C5, E51, E50, E55, E52, E61, E60, E63, E62, E66, E65, E71, E70, E90, E75, N72, N71, N75, N73, N77, N76, N79, N78, N81, N80, N85, N82, N90, N86, N93, N92, N96, N95, N800, N97, X3, N900, 53, X6, 57x, 56x, 5130, 71x, 5220, 5200, 5230, 5228, 5800, 5530, 6760, 6700, 7705, 7020 and others. The 3GPP format is typically used for playback of recordings made on a mobile phone. The format of this type is characterized by lower resolution, but can amount to record much more information than MPEG4. The usual resolution of this format is 176x144 and 128x96. The video format is AVI better quality than 3GPP, but is inferior to MPEG4. AVI encoded with video and audio, however, as MPEG4. But if the video track in both formats equal mp4, various audio: MPEG4 aac-lc and. AVI mp3. Technical characteristics of aac-lc source compresses much better size than mp3. The quality aac-lc is not inferior to mp3. Furthermore, MPEG4 has much more features than AVI, for example, play online. Many Nokia phones support FLV, which video format is not, and is called by the container. He also often used the phones of this brand. Nokia has released many utilities to convert video files from one format to another, an example of such a program is Media Converter, or Free Video to Nokia Phones that convert to MPEG4 formats the following input files: *.ts; *.avi; *.mkv; *.ivf; *.ogv; *.div; *.rmvb; *.divx; *.rv; *.mpg; *.rmm; *.mpeg; *.rm; *.mpe; *.amv; *.mp4; *.f4v; *.m4v; *.flv; *.webm; *.dvr-ms; *.wmv; *.3g2; *.asf; *.3gp; *.mov; *.3gpp; *.qt; *.3gp2; *.mts; *.dat; *.m2t; *.vro; *.m2ts; *.tod; *.mod. The user manual for any model of Nokia phone mandatory specifies which video format is supported by this model. In case of loss guide it can easily be downloaded from the Internet or found on the official website