With the advent of the Olympic symbols some associate psychologist Carl Jung, considered in some circles its Creator. Jung was well versed in Chinese philosophy, he knew that the ring in ancient cultures, is a symbol of grandeur and vitality. So he introduced the idea of five intertwined rings – the reflection of the five energies, which are referred to in Chinese philosophy: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Together with the symbolism in 1912, the scientist entered his image of the Olympic competitions, the modern pentathlon. Every Olympian had to own each of its five types.

The first discipline is swimming - in the form of a ring blue also represents the element of water and indicates the rhythm, which keeps the breath, can move along the surface of the water ahead, to lead.

Ring green – jumping – is an image of a tree and symbol of the energy of the rider. It needs to have the ability to control not only their energy but also the energy of the horse.

The following discipline is fencing, and it depicts the element of fire in a ring of red. This discipline represents the flair. The success of the swordsman depends on the ability to feel the opponent and guess his moves.

Ring yellow represents the earth element and represents such disciplines as cross-country running. It indicates persistence and perseverance. Runner on rough terrain like jumps through the elements, knowing when to slow down and when to speed up.

The discipline of shooting and the unique properties of metal shows a ring of black color. Here the required accuracy, clarity. The success of the shot depends not only on exertion but also the ability of rigorous thinking, by which the shooter concentrates on the target and hits the target.