You will need
  • – a licensed version of the product "1C" version "basic";
  • – you have access to the Internet;
  • – PIN-code-specific product of the company "1C".
In order to upgrade the basic version of the product "1C", go to "user Support" the company's official website. Here you need to make sure that you are registered in the system "1C" or complete the registration process.
To register, find the menu item "Self-registration user PIN code". Click the link, then select from the menu the name of your product or item "For users of other products to register".
In the dialog box, enter personal user code and PIN code of the product. Personal code – a set of numbers that is specified in the user profile, PIN code of the product specified in a sealed envelope included in the supplied with the purchase of any product set of documents.
Make sure you copy issued after the completion of all forms, password – without it, the program update will not occur. For a comfortable upgrade that does not detract from the work, after receiving a password, the users of "1C" we have to wait 12 hours to update the client database system. After the specified time, you can start the upgrade process using your existing program from "1C".
In the main menu (button "Main menu"), select "Tools", then "Update configuration". In order to continue to give this process a minimum of attention, don't forget to select the check box next to "Check for a configuration update via the Internet every time you start the program." When updates are available, the program will display a dialog box with appropriate message. Here click "Next".
In the opened window, enter personal user code and stored within the framework of the preceding steps password, click "Next". In the resulting dialog box, don't forget to check for presence of text "to Create a temporary backup copy", if instead it says "do Not create...", click on the relevant link and change the settings of the program.