Determine how much storage space you need. Among the hard disks with the least amount of information possible to distinguish the model from 40 to 100 GB is available at a reasonable price. However, if you need to store large files, if you have a large music library or you frequently work on video editing, you will need the larger capacity disk. The optimal choice can become models from 500 GB to 1 TB.
Check the compatibility of hard disk with the other PC components. If you have an older computer, be sure to check the available connectors and cables to connect the hard drive inside the case.
Don't forget to check the rotational speed of the disk. The higher it is, the faster the device will find and move information. Speed is an important factor in determining the cost of the device. The value to 7200 rpm is optimal, but you can choose and models at a speed of 10,000 rpm, to get the advantage.
Let's see what is installed version of the program to speed up processing of data between hard disk and processor. Old models use IDE mode, which has four versions of ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment): ATA33, ATA66, ATA100 and ATA133. Each number corresponds to the speed of information transfer in MB. A higher number means a higher data transfer rate. Please note that SATA (Serial ATA or serial port) is the most modern and efficient technology.
Find information about the latest released models of hard drives in any search engine. Read customer reviews. Compare prices on devices in different stores.