You will need
  • Set for a magician
  • Dolls for puppet theatre or mask for dramatization
  • Trivia for prizes and gifts
  • The attributes for outdoor games
  • A little pyrotechnics or balloon
Discuss with your child how you will greet the guests and what it takes. Of course, on the festive table you have already taken care of. But we need to make sure that no one left you offended. Young children do not always understand why I give a birthday gift, and they get nothing. Therefore, no "nothing" should not be. Prepare something that you give to guests. It can be balloons, funny cards, paper flowers.How to give your child a gift you have, of course, decided. The rest of the guests giving presents either at the entrance or at the table. Determine where you will put the gifts. Explain to your child that the gifts must be deployed and considered. With your child prepare a few games to make it attributes. Try to choose such games that are popular and your child and his guests. But you need to lay up and a few surprise moments.
Children's holiday should not be like an adult meal. It is better to start with something unexpected, even for the birthday boy. Be prepared, for example, a puppet show. This can be a short tale, or even a new friend. This, of course, necessary before the party to prepare the auditorium, appropriately arrange the chairs and screen. Performance should not be very long.
After the "introductory part" put children at the table. Festive table usually occupies the attention of the kids, so unlikely to need something to entertain them. Take care of placing to serving appropriate for the age and event. The composition of the balls and specially folded napkins very decorate the table.
After lunch, organize games and entertainment, and it is here that your imagination does not have to know restraint. Outdoor games immediately after a meal is not worth playing. It is best time for it to turn into a magician. Prepare a few simple tricks every parent. Online there are even special sets for magicians and magic tricks it is possible to prepare a variety of. They do not necessarily have to be a lot, enough for 3-4 good magic tricks, because you will show them several times and even encourage guests to try.
Organize outdoor games. If you need them in the room, choose a game low mobility. Pick up a couple of dance games. A very pleasant birthday traditional "Loaf". You can use ball games, such as "Edible - inedible", "Fly – no fly". Kids and games for imagination development - "Make a beautiful figure" or "troubled Sea". Importantly, the rules of the game are not a problem neither the birthday boy nor his younger guests. Finish outdoor games best another dance or just a sedentary game.After the game program birthday again invites all to the table, where already served tea with sweets. Making a birthday cake. The cake can be a candle to the number of years of the child. By tradition, the birthday child blows out their.
Children's party can end with a small fireworks display or a launch of the balloon. Of course, this should be done on the outside before the guests disperse.