To acquaint the child with a spoon when he learns to hold her. One scoop of this should give the child and the other mother feeds the child. Purchase for toddler special baby spoon, their choice is now huge. But don't go overboard with details, because the purpose of the spoon is not in the game, so to use it you need respectively.
For this reason, do not let your child play while eating. If he has a desire to feed a doll or Teddy bear, let take advantage of for this purpose, toy plates and spoons after to eat myself. The kid needs to learn that while eating not playing and not reading. Allowing the child to indulge in at the table, you will be more difficult to accustom it is independently.
Of course, the first time the porridge on the walls, floor, and clothing scraps can not be avoided. But remember that this will change, but the learning process without these little troubles is just not possible. So find a kid apron that will protect clothes small consumer. Do not scold the child carried past the mouth of the spoon with porridge. Raising her voice a couple of times, you will block the baby's desire to eat on their own, subsequently, to teach such a child to the spoon much harder.
Teach baby to eat from a spoon, comment on your every action. Explain to the child what you put on the spoon, this helps him scoop up food from the plates and to his mouth. For each successful movement praise. Do not laugh over how the kid eats. Because next time he'll say it again, smearing food on the table and clothes, which so amused mom and dad.
Usually the introduction of the baby with a spoon start as soon as he turned one year old. However, the final skill of independent use of food is formed in children by the age of two.