You will need
  • Mascara brush for brushing eyelashes, pressed powder, olive oil.
Before you begin applying the mascara on the lashes and need Curling. Special forceps will help to get your lashes curved and expressive. In order to curl your eyelashes, hold them with tongs for a few seconds. Clamping the eyelashes to gently, being careful not to squeeze.
Additional volume and length of lashes will help to - properly selected ink, and particular technology applied. For starters, eyelashes need to be covered with a thin layer of powder. After that, you can start eyelash tinting.
Mascara should be applied in a thin layer twice: the first layer is the base, the second adjustment. After applying the first coat of mascara, it takes a bit longer to dry lashes. Then, taking the mascara brush vertically, you need to spend it from the root of eyelashes to tip. The small particles of mascara will attach it on the tips of the lashes, which will generate an increase in length. To give the lashes density, the brush should be kept horizontally. Brush mascara is necessary to move from one side to the other, to the particles of the ink caught between the lashes, creating volume.
As soon as the second coat of mascara dries, comb lashes with a special brush for eyelashes. It will remove unwanted clumps of mascara and well separated lashes.
To make eyelashes long, it is important to choose the right mascara. Special lengthening mascara contains particles that envelop each eyelash and make it longer. When using a thick brush of mascara the lashes will be fuller and lush.