You will need
  • - printed check;
  • - passport;
  • - Bank in Russia that works with checks.
Print a check if it came by e-mail. Find out addresses and phone numbers of head offices of such banks as VTB 24, Citybank, PSB, etc. located in your city. Keep in mind that the savings Bank with commercial checks is not working (only with road AmericanExpress).
Call selected banks, explain the situation. Be sure to ask what Bank gave you a check. Find out how the Department in which cashing the checks. Be sure to check the amount the Bank charges for carrying out the required operations as a Commission. It is necessary to have with itself and pay for the services in the same day. Also, take some money for the possibility of opening a foreign currency account (if there is such a requirement). At the specified time, go to the Bank.
The Bank contact the cash Desk and provide there the check you want to cash out. Be prepared for the fact that the money you immediately no one will pay. First you will need to send the cheque for collection to the Bank that issued it. The sender confirms receipt and sends the confirmation to Russia. Money stacked into your foreign currency Bank account, which makes the exchange operation.
Open foreign currency account in the Bank, which agreed to cash a check. For this you will need a passport application and a small amount in euros or dollars. Also be sure the Bank takes the Commission for the procedure of shipment and work with a check. It can range from 20 to 50% of the check amount or be fixed. Please note: the money you put on open account, will get back to you, and the Commission remains with the Bank.
Be patient: the period of realization of cheque in Russia varies from 1.5 to 2 months. After the arrival of the confirmation, you will be contacted from the Bank and told about the possibility to withdraw money from the account.