You gave birth to a child, and so fulfilled their duty to society. Now you can finally do them: tighten the shape of soured during pregnancy, meet with friends, to relax. To raise a child needs a babysitter, kindergarten and school, because it is their direct responsibility.
Perhaps you have always wanted to do ballet or to go to art school, but life turned out differently. Now you finally have a chance to fix it. You can give a child in ballet school and the fine arts club, no matter what the child wants to become a footballer. Now he is too young to understand, but will thank you when they grow up.
Never deny a child. You don't want to listen to the hysterical cries of my own child, lying on the floor in the shop and hammering his fists on the floor. Children whose parents indulged in all of them, grow up the happiest.
In today's world it is important to be able to fight and defend their rights. Teach the child it is necessary from childhood, then later it will be much easier to live. Arranging a showdown with the husband, allow the child to participate in them. It is in the family, he needs to learn correct behavior during quarrels.
Often criticize the mental abilities of the child. The phrase "what are you, stupid?", "are you crazy?" and "what were you thinking?" encourage the child to know the world. Excessive praise, on the contrary, hinders baby's development.
Children are helpless and maladjusted creatures that need to constantly patronize. Do not let your child go off alone in the courtyard, hold his hand when crossing the street, don't consider his opinion when choosing clothes for him – still he is too young to understand.
Surely, numerous friends, aunts, and grandmothers in queues give you different advice on how to raise children. Follow them, because a good person can not advise nonsense. And then you will be able to raise a lazy, entitled, and spoiled young man.