You will need
  • purse webmoney.
To withdraw money from webmoney purse is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The easiest way to get cash WMR-wallet in rubles with systems "Anelik", "Unistream", "Contact" and many others, a complete list of which is available at the official webmoney website. Discover all the ways to transfer money and select the most suitable for you.
Then, following the system prompts, turn the tool one of the possible options. Then you just have to come to the Bank, after taking from him a passport and the transfer number (you can find it in transaction history), and get the translation. Using this method of withdrawal of the wallet, you will get your money. And most importantly – with a minimum percentage for the operation.
For withdrawal of electronic money by a Bank transfer will need to Banking WebMoney Transfer system, which provides input and output means from all types of wallets with credit payments. This is one of the reliable ways, as banking operations are performed by a network of agents authorized by the system and its guarantors.
To take advantage of money transfers through payment systems "MoneyGram", "Unistream", "Leader", "allure", "Golden crown", requires a special certificate. Need to get on the website WebМoney at
To withdraw funds from your webmoney purse to cash is also using mail order. Particularly preferred this method for remote settlements, where there are still no exchange webmoney. Go to your account and select the "My WebMoney/Withdraw WM". Next, select "Exchange of WMR for the Russian rubles with subsequent postal money order" and complete the mail order form, putting the details of your passport and residential address (along with index, city, street and house number). Transfer.
The disadvantage of this method is a three percent fee and low speed of delivery of funds (the farther the region is, the longer the money is going). The advantage is that it is applicable for all settlements, so the difficulties with the acquisition of money does not arise.