Remember that according to the law your interests in court can not even imagine a professional lawyer, and any able-bodied citizen of Russia. Thus, if you have a friend, colleague or just a neighbor who will agree to act as your representative on the court - do not miss this opportunity. Ideal – if it is a former law enforcement officer, journalist, or activist and public. Such people usually know very well the courtiskow specificity.
If you do not plan to personally attend the court, your representative will need a written letter confirming that he is authorized to protect your interests. If you are present in the courtroom, enough to verbally announce it. Your statement are obliged to record in the minutes. No legal arguments for the rejection of the representative, the judge will not.
In that case, if you have decided to protect their interests, purchase a "Comment to the Civil code of the Russian Federation" and "Commentary to the civil procedural code of the Russian Federation". Carefully study those chapters that directly relate to your business, make a statement. Consider in advance which arguments may be on the opposite side of you and how to best answer this question.
You can also consult the companies providing legal services. Be sure to lock all the nuances on a piece of paper.
It will not hurt to spend at home in front of the mirror a kind of rehearsal" especially if you are by nature a delicate, shy person. Imagine that you have to contact the judge in the courtroom. Express out loud their arguments. Try to keep your voice sounded calm, polite and yet firm, confident. Stay humble, but not servile, with dignity. That is exactly the same and behave in the court.