You will need
  • Computer with PS/2 mouse.
Because now every second the computer is equipped with at least one usb device (mouse or keyboard), it is recommended to look for a mouse with a PS/2 interface. Function enable or disable power through the mouse is configured through the BIOS Setup menu and still doesn't support usb components (some motherboards do not start if there is a keyboard with this type of interface).
To download the BIOS you need to restart the computerusing the standard "start menu" or using the Power button on the keyboard (if any). After the screen displays the first line, press Delete, F2 or Tab (depends on hardware). The BIOS Setup menu looks like a blue screen with multiple functional lines.
The navigation is done using keys with arrow and function keys. Find it in the partition menu, Power Management Setup and change to it: select it and press Enter. In the list you need to find a string Function Power on or Power On by PS2. The choice of item depends on the model of your motherboard.
Then you need to choose how to power-up, which you prefer. For example, to activate power using the left mouse button, select Mouse Left, respectively, right mouse button is right Mouse Right value. There is also the opportunity to exhibit as a catalyst for the keyboard to press any key to choose Any Key and Hot Key for a particular combination.
You only have to get out of the edit mode settings, to do this, press F10 and agree to the changes, typing Yes. Press Enter to restart the computer. Turn off the computer and try to turn it with the mouse.