Any page that a user browses the network, downloaded by a browser on the hard disk and saved to the folder with temporary files of the Internet. For example, the Opera browser saves all audio, video and flash files in a folder called “Cache” folder located in the folder “profile” in the main folder of the program. To save online video, you can find it in this folder among the plurality of viewed file and copy to any location on your hard drive. A serious drawback of the method one – in the folder “Cache” can accumulate to several thousand files, and many of them can have the same extension. At the same time they are haphazardly named, so the process of finding a desired video you have to see all similar files.
Special sites-services that allow you to save online video appeared on the Internet as answers to the needs of users. Two of the most well-known service of this kind is VideoSaver and Save2Go, although if you wish, you will find other counterparts. The principle is simple and is as follows:
1) you copy to the clipboard from the address bar the link to the page containing the video you want to save;
2) put this link in a special line in the page of the website service and press the button "Download", "Save", etc.;
3) indicate where to save online videos on your hard drive.
Depending on the service can be clarifying and intermediate settings. For example, to specify the site from which to download the file, or select from the resulting list of direct links to page a specific file for download.
Also save the online video option in your browser add-on, so-called modules or widgets that can help you download videos from any website. In addition, if you need to save online video from the famous YouTube, use free YouTube Downloader allows you to download download videos from this site, even if it is closed for viewing to a wider audience.