Consult an experienced specialist who is professionally engaged in the site administration and their debt service almost every day faced with the necessity of reflection ddos attacks. Lock with it, a call to the server from certain countries where they can go to a hacker attack. In addition, perform a number of settings that can protect your computer from intruders. However, such measures are not always effective. They are suitable only in case, if the attack is not very well organized and not too serious.
You can go the other way. Contact the technical support of your hosting, which is your web resource, and ask about replacing your IP address. Sometimes such actions is sufficient for a novice hacker ceased to conduct ddos attacks, and most of these illegal actions is accomplished by beginners. For more serious protection install a firewall, through which most of the incoming traffic will be filtered out and the server will continue normal operation.
There is another option to protect your computer from attack by hackers. To do this, ask for help from one of the specialized hosts, dealing specifically with the protection of servers from ddos attacks. As a result, you not only can avoid the technical problems, but also save your IP address. All existing traffic will be distributed across multiple servers. In the end, you can walk exceptionally useful traffic. All you going to ddos attacks will be blocked and you will be able to enjoy on your computer.