Please note that the developers of the Opera browser is not recommended to change the settings for cache control in the operational memory.
Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Start Opera and open menu "File" of the upper service panel of the application window. Go to "Settings" and select "History and cache". An alternative method of opening the dialog, the browser settings can serve as simultaneous pressing of the function keys, Alt and P.
Apply a check mark in the line "Enable automatic caching of memory" in the RAM section and enter the desired value of the amount of disk space reserved for saving the disk cache in the corresponding row. Confirm saving the changes by clicking OK and restart Opera for their application.
Change the directory location stored in the cache. To do this, open menu "help" upper service panel of the browser window and select "About Opera". Determine the current location of the cache is saved and type opera:config in a text box the address bar of the application.
Type cache at the top of the search form in the window that opens and locate the line that contains the value of the Cache Directory4. Edit the path found for the desired parameter and confirm execution of the selected action by pressing the "Save"button.
Open the main menu app Opera by pressing the logo button of your browser and select "Settings" to clear the cache. Select the sub-item "Delete private data" and click "Detailed setting" in the dialog box. Apply a check mark in the line "Clear cache" in the directory the next dialog and confirm the selected action by pressing the "Delete"button.