Download and install on a computer dedicated application iREB, designed for the operation of the flashing device is subjected to the procedure jailbreak. Launch the app and enter your i-device in the main window of the program. Go to the tab Recovery Mode Loop Fixer/SHSH Blobs Grabber and click on Set Auto-Boot to True. This action will bring the device out of DFU mode.
Please note that the use of the application iREB means only devices with a jailbreak done and cannot be applied if there is an official firmware!
To exit mode DFU standard method press the Power button located on the front top of the device, simultaneously with the Home button, which is located on the front of the screen. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds.
Release both buttons and switch on the device in the usual way. To do this, press the Power button and hold it until a Apple logo on the screen.
Exit mode DFU implies the need to change the firmware of the mobile device. This operation can be performed in one of two modes of recovery - Recovery and DFU. In order to go into DFU mode i connect the device to the computer using a special connecting USB cable included in the package, but do not open iTunes. Turn off the device in a standard way and hit both buttons Power and Home.
Hold both buttons for ten seconds, then release Power button and continue holding the Home button. Wait for the determination by the computer of the mobile device and launch the iTunes application. Follow the steps and exit mode DFU by the method described above.