As I begin day makeupand find a place with good natural light, as any other source of light will distort colors.
Follow normal hygiene procedures. Wash, dry your face and apply moisturizing cream from the middle of the face toward the edges, to the area of hair growth. After this Foundation will go better and will look more natural. If necessary, adjust the eyebrows. When skin is hydrated, this procedure will not be painful.
In that case, if your skin has minor imperfections and under eye dark circles, use a light concealer to even out skin tone.
Pick the color of the face and apply a concealer. If skin is oily and strongly shiny, before the "Foundation" is sometimes used a matte base. When apply Foundation, should not do certain strokes and blend them, if you don't want to get spotted face. The cream should be spread over the entire surface of the face.
Cosmetic pencil draw the space between the cilia. Then on the eyelid at the inner edge of the eye apply a light shade. On the middle and outer corners of the eyes apply a darker shade. Their color match so that the eye does not "lose". Just remember that for daytime makeupand more than two colors of shadow, cause is not worth it. In addition, to feather them so that the transition between the two shades were imperceptible.
You can if you want to make a subtle eyeliner. Better – from mid-eye to outward and upward.
On the eyelashes, apply mascara. If the eyelashes are long enough and thick enough for one layer, if they are rare and short, after drying a single layer of mascara to impose the second.
To "revive" the face, use blush. They can be applied to those places on the face that create your smile. And if you want to adjust the oval face, you need to find and paint the hollow under the cheekbone. To do this, mentally draw a line from the top point of the ear to the corner of your mouth. The middle of the line – what you need. The blush color pick in accordance with your color type. Ie the cold color type suitable pinkish tone, warm peach, etc.
Finally, touch up lips. If you do good makeup eyes special attention to the lips to attract is not worth it. Use a soft contour with a pencil, outlining the desired shape of the lips. Blend the line and gently apply to the lips lipstick or lip gloss.