You will need
  • - the tax legislation;
  • - data on number of staff;
  • - incorporation papers/documents of the individual entrepreneur;
  • - financial statements for the prior year.
In order to pay taxes under the simplified system, the number of employees in your organization during the reporting period must not exceed one hundred people. In addition, if the cost of fixed assets, intangible assets your company has more than a hundred million rubles, the kind of system you are entitled to apply.
In order to proceed to the payment of taxes under the simplified system, write to the tax office a statement. From the legal form the choice of system depends. When applying you need to submit information about their income. Accordingly, if you pay taxes in General, your sales revenues for the preceding nine months shall not exceed eleven million roubles.
Together with the application provide information on the average number of employees. If the number of staff less than a hundred people, you have the right to transfer to the simplified taxation system. When on the contrary, you will, therefore, deny this.
Study Chapter 26 of the tax code, which contains a list of companies that are not entitled to pay taxes under the simplified system. Note that the premiums in this system, you need to list. An entity applying it should fulfill the obligations of a tax agent. Moreover, the single tax is calculated by subtracting the amount of expenses from the income and multiplying the result by 15%.
There is a system of taxation which has been introduced by government since 2001. Individual entrepreneurs, organizations may pay a unified tax on imputed income. It is imposed on the specific activity. The size of the temporary tax is fixed. Its amount is set by the local authorities. For each activity the size of the imputed income – a certain amount.
All legal entities that are not payers under the simplified system tax on imputed income, are obliged to transfer to the state budget funds. Their amount is calculated on the profit tax, value added tax, sales, property tax, UST, personal income tax. Note that you may move to another tax system only since the beginning of the calendar year.