You will need
  • - A graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
Download Photoshop image, the background which you want to edit. For this you need a file just drag the mouse in the graphics editor. Another way is click right mouse button and select the "Open with" drop-down menu of Adobe Photoshop.
Create a separate layer to use as background - click the icon "Create new layer" on the layers panel. This operation can be done using hot keys Shift + Ctrl + N.
Activate the Fill tool - click the appropriate button on the toolbar or press G.
Click the icon on the bottom toolbar, which opens a color picker. In the palette you need to set a new background color for the original image, and then close it with the OK button. Click an empty layer anywhere, and Photoshop will fill it with the selected color.
Select in the palette the bottom layer (original image) and create its copy. This is necessary because background layers in most cases does not allow to edit. It is reported by the lock icon in the right side of the line blocked layer in the layers panel. Create a copy of the easiest way by pressing Ctrl + J. you Can use "duplicate layer" under "Layers" the photo editor. This item is in the context menu invoked by right-clicking the mouse on a row in the layers panel.
Place the duplicated image into the foreground, drag its line with the left mouse button up in the layers panel.
Turn the tool "Magic wand" - press W or click the corresponding icon on the toolbar.
Remove all of the background areas on the top layer - click on each of them with the mouse pointer and press the Delete key. The result through the transparent region will be seen, the layer with the background color.
Save the edited picture. If you plan to make any edits, leave a copy in psd format in order not to repeat again the manipulation to create layers. The appropriate dialog is invoked by pressing Ctrl + S. To save work in one of the standard graphics formats there are two additional dialog which you can open with shortcut Shift + Ctrl + S and Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S. the Additional dialogues contain different sets of settings to change the properties of the image.