Spam – mass mailing of promotional offers and informational messages to users who did not Express a desire to receive them. The spam filter is a program designed to protect the user from unwanted mailings. Used to filtertsii posted links and incoming e-mail. Often based on a preconfigured spam list, which already included ' sites and destinations, the flow of messages which is not desirable. However, there are cases when the program fails, and the spam filter does not pass the desired mail as spam. And then the question about his trip.
To disable the spam filter, go to your Inbox, click the "Settings" section "spam Protection", and change the protection level to "do Not filter spam". Either on the home page, go to menu "Tools" in the section "Spam filter", choose "Disable filtertsii spam" and press to confirm. There are more sophisticated methods if you cannot disable the spam filter via menu "Settings" and "Tools". If your Inbox supports IMAP, connect to it via The Bat, and all mailbox folders will be available for synchronization. It is possible, in Outlook Express and Gmail, but Gmail IMAP should be already enabled in the settings.
If you have a mailbox is located on another domain then go to "Domains" section, select the name of the domain in the "Mail" go to "email Accounts" select the email address to which you want to disable the spam filter, then go to the "Spam filter" and there check the box for "Disable spam filter", and confirm your choice. If all of the above methods disable the spamfilter failed, you should contact the experts in technical support.