Mark the New year in one of the restaurants in the city. Many of them organize special entertainment and banquets on various subjects. Choose the celebration you can contact any one of the description of the restaurants. The list of establishments of Smolensk can be found on the website dedicated to the city If you have previously been in any Smolensky restaurant, and want to celebrate New year, please note that the festive menu may be very different from the usual dishes of this restaurant. Therefore, the composition of the dishes expected at holiday, it should be clarified in advance, as well as what services will be included in the admission charge.
Visit the street events organized in the newyearthe Nuits night. In Smolensk they are usually held in the city center - on Lenin square. In addition to music, there are organized performances, tree for children, various competitions and even fireworks. For more information and other addresses where you can celebrate New yearis available on the website of the city administration in early December -
If you do not live in Smolensk, but want to celebrate New year there, then you can participate in brief guided tour, timed to the holiday and vacations. Please contact one of the travel agencies in your city engaged in organization of leisure in Russia. The cost of the tour will depend on what is included in the program: level of service in the proposed hotel, length of stay and other factors. The travel program you can choose depending on your interests, but usually include visits to historical monuments and museums of the city, for example, "the Museum of linen."