You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - check on the torrent tracker;
  • - local file sharing;
  • check Vkontakte;
  • DVD player;
  • - TV tuner;
  • the Windows Media Center program;
  • - video player;
  • - clean the tape.
Carefully review a television program. Often showing popular programs repeat the next morning or at the weekend to a large audience could read them.
Go to the website of the TV channel (for example, the site of the first channel, which showed the program you need. Most sites have a transmission or archives collection of the best editions. You can watch your desired video online or download it to your computer. If the TV station filmed the transfer yourself, then it surely must be preserved in the archives of the website.
Look for your program on youtube. If the transfer popular, surely someone recorded it and posted on the web. Start typing in the search bar the name, and then the site itself will offer you options of video titles available in the database. All sorts of films and programs rich also and the site "Vkontakte". Search for any video name and you need a series, and you can watch transfer online.
If you are not looking for yesterday's news release, and the film or the transferthat was released a long time, view the desired video on torrent trackers and on-premises file storage, chances are you will find what you want.
Visit the site or group in social networks dedicated to a missed program. Surely fans have already posted videos online. There you can ask and the download link – the enthusiastic audience was happy to share it with you.
If you know in advance that you do not have time to watch the program, you can ask the home to record it. This can be done by using a DVD player if you have a TV tuner, run Windows Media Center, click TV, then the program guide, select transfer and click on the entry. Perhaps you have even kept the old video player and the cassette to him. Insert a blank tape and ask someone who will home, click the record button.