Advice 1: How to make a system disk

You bought a new computer without a preinstalled operating system or raised him in my arms for individual components. The next step is setting it up would be to install the operating system on the system disk.
How to make a system disk
Before you install the operating system on the hard disk, prepare it for operation. Sample formatting with programs managers of partitions of hard disks. Programs that can be used for this use, there is quite a lot. For example, Paragon Partition Manager, Norton PartitionMagic, Acronis Disk Director, Partition Commander, a small utility under DOS fdisk and so on. However, to use these programs, you must unsubscribe them on a CD-Rom drive, making it bootable.
Put in your BIOS the order of boot devices of the computer and inserting the CD-Rom drive with a partition Manager, boot from it. If necessary, break the installed drives into multiple partitions. For example, often the primary hard drive divided into several partitions. The first of which (tokenized letter (C) later made the system partition, and the second and all subsequent logical partitions to store files. Disk partition, which will subsequently become the system should be primary and active. If these symptoms had absent, you can assign special teams of programme managers. After all the above operations, restart your computer.
Insert the drive installation disk with the operating system. Following all the setting items and answering relevant questions of the installer, you will see a window with a choice of operating system is installed. Among all these sections, you can install the system, select the one that you have assigned the system and active. Thus, specifying the section, you will make it a system disk.

Advice 2 : How to make logical drive main

There are situations where operating system is installed on a logical disk. So it worked fine and loaded, you need this logical disk to convert to basic. Just not always the operating system can be booted from a logical drive. Also, there are times when the computer has multiple OS, and installed on different logical drives. Then to run the chosen operating system have a logical drive to change on the main.
How to make logical drive main
You will need
  • Computer, Norton PartitionMagic, Internet access
To convert a partition need Norton PartitionMagic. Download the latest version of the program, as it has more features, and install it on your computer.
Run the program. After its launch read the interface. In the right window the program will display partitions on your hard disk. When you click the hard disk icon displays information about the type of this section.
To create a spare partition you can also use this program. To do this in the "pick a task" click on command to "Create a backup partition. A dialog box will appear. Read the introduction and click "Next". In the next window to change the settings is not necessary, the program will automatically choose all the settings. Just click "Next". Opens a dialog box with hard disk partitions. Select what partition to use the storage for backup. Then select the amount of memory the backup partition and its file system. Finally click "Finish".
Now, select the logical partition that you want to convert in the main. Then in the "partition Operations", select "Convert partition". In the window that appears, select "Primary partition". It can also be checked automatically. Then click OK. Will start the process of converting your chosen hard disk partition. But it must be activated. To do this in the "Operations pending" double-click the right mouse button on the conversion. Then click "Apply".
The computer will restart. Wait until your operating system. Now you have chosen a logical disk converted to basic.
Remember - when you convert a logical drive in the primary, there is always the risk of losing the boot files of the system. Therefore, the disc is recommended to create a backup partition from which if necessary will be restored information.

Advice 3 : How to make hard drive active

When you purchase a new hard disk or change the settings of the old is sometimes necessary to perform operations which make its partition active. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing access to the operating system.
How to make hard drive active
You will need
  • - a Windows installation disc or a LiveCD.
To start, try to make a partition on the hard drive is active, using the features of the operating system. This method has been tested on Windows XP and Vista, but it is also applicable to Windows Seven. Open the start menu and select Run.
In the box that appears, type compmgmt.msc. Click "OK". Go to the menu "computer Management" sub-item "mass Storage device" and navigate to it. Select "Manage diskmi.
Highlight the partition on the hard disk (or entire disk) that you want to make active. In the right column of this window, select "mark partition as active". In the case of Windows 7 this point will be located in the menu "All tasks". Click "OK".
In that case, if you are unable to access the operating system, use the command line to restore the active partition. Start the Windows Vista installation disc (Seven) or LiveCD for Windows XP. Turn on the command prompt and run it.
Enter the command diskpart and press Enter. Now enter the command list disk, then press Enter. In the working window displays a list of hard drives which will be numbered. Select the section that you want to activate.
To do this, enter the command select disk 0 or 1, depending on the numbers disk. Now type list partition to list the existing partitions on the hard disk.
Select the desired partition by typing select partition 1 or 2. To make this partition active, type active. If you did everything correctly, then after pressing Enter you should receive the following message: "the Partition is marked as active. Restart the computer to check the health of OS.

Advice 4 : How to make the partition active

The active partition of the hard disk responsible for the location of the Windows boot loader. The operation of selecting the active partition requires sufficient computer knowledge and can not be recommended for inexperienced users because of security reasons.
How to make the partition active
Click "start" to bring up the main menu system and navigate to "control Panel" to initiate the procedure for selection of the active partition of the hard disk of the computer.
Select "System and maintenance" and select "Administration".
Open the link "computer Management" double click and enter the administrator password to confirm its powers in the query window.
Specify the item "Managing diske" in the group "Storage" in the navigation pane and open the context menu of the section to be assigned to active, click the right mouse button.
Use the command "Make partition active" to perform the selected operation.
Return to the main menu "start" and navigate to "All programs" to perform the operation of selecting the active partition of the hard disk of the computer the alternative method.
Select "Standard" and call the context menu item "Command prompt" by right-clicking the mouse.
Select "Run as administrator" to comply with security Microsoft and run the command line tool.
Enter the value of the diskpart in the command line box and type list partition, specifying the partition number selected for the destination active in the command-line DISKPART.
Enter the value select partitionx, where x is the partition that should be active, at a command prompt, DISKPART and confirm the selected command by entering a value in the active field of the command line DISKPART.
On one hard can be active only one section. Changing or deleting an active partition might cause failing to start the system.
Useful advice
It should be remembered that the logical disk cannot be selected as active, active can only be a primary partition.

Advice 5 : How to make an owl of the disks

Nine junk computer disks quickly turn into an adorable owl. This hack you can leave yourself or give a loved one. The process is fascinating. After a good work you will surely want to make a second.
How to make an owl of the disks

Preparation of the necessary

Put everything you need near each other. When all you need at hand, it goes faster. Here's what you'll need:

- 8 bright and one dark disk;
scissors with padded finger holes;
glue "Moment";
- ballpoint pen blue color;
yellow and black cardboard.

The process of manufacturing the head

Take 2 drive light color. They should be silver on both sides. Picture labels will not fit. Scissors to make "fringe" on the edges of these discs a depth of 1 cm this Process is not easy. In order not to grate your fingers, you can wear cloth gloves. Rescue and scissors, which have soft openings for the fingers.

Once you have made fringe on both drives, will put them to the side. Take the yellow cardboard. Cut out 2 identical circles. This is owl eyes. They should be of a size to close the hole in the disc and eagle around it. Made of black cardboard cut out round pupils. Naturally, they are less eyes.

Glue the pupils in the middle or closer to the edges of the yellow sockets. Depends on what kind of expression will have owls made of the disks.

Put one prepared to drive on the other a little overlap, going to second on 2-2,5 see the third light, Take a drive. Also scissors make fringe all the way around. This is the head. Put it on two disks with big eyes so that it stuck out from under them at the top and bottom.

Dark disk

Now, take a dark or colored disk. Draw on it in the form of drops in the beak of the owl. It stick on the bottom of the head tip down. Small triangular ears, eyebrows bird is also cut out and glue into place.

Draw on the same disk as the foot of the owl. Upstairs are semicircular. Downstairs they have 3 pointy finger. From the remnants of the disk cut out 2 oval wing. Scissors make the edges of the fringe. They will be useful later.

How to gather all the details

Will have to work a little more with scissors. Take 5 light discs. The edges of two of them cut in the form of fringe completely. In the following two make the fringe for the half of a circle. The last five make a fringe only a quarter.

It lay in the middle, cuts down. Top right, place the one with the undercut edge at the half. Fringe looks strictly to the right. Fringe is directed to the left third, also decorated disk. He comes in second by 1 cm with respect to the first, both disk are symmetrically arranged.

Also symmetrically glue the remaining 2 disk, marking their edges to the middle of the previous two. Each other they come to 3 cm from the Top in the middle, glue the head, sides, wings, bottom of feet. Owl of the disks ready.
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