You will need
  • - The passport.
Please note that virtually all U.S. banks that operate in Russia are Russian banks operating under the American names. Their activities are likewise controlled by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Therefore, first check in a Bank of this type, where he is the main compartment. And contact directly to the Bank branch which will be located in the United States.
Consult with a specialist Bank which documents required to open account. He also will tell you which account is right for you.
Use the service of a specialized company. This is necessary if you are unable to appeal directly to U.S. Bank (for example, you are at the moment in Russia and in the near future are not going to go to America), but want to open an account in a Bankthat belongs to US.
Compare the offers, offered by us banks when opening accounts. This way you will be able to choose a more suitable Bank for you on service cost, cumulative percentage, and ease of opening the account.
Note that in every American Bank the procedure of creating accounts for non-residents can have some nuances. For example, you may be required a passport or other documents.
Make a contract for opening accounts. In this case, if the opening account in the Bank of the US should be through a specialized company, you need to assure the samples of your signature at the U.S. Consulate or its subsidiary Russian Bank. Also you will need to provide copies of all pages of your passport with translation.
Report about the opening of accounts to the tax authorities at the place of residence. This pull is not worth it, try to do it within a month (this requirement is established by law).