You will need
  • money.
  • - passport;
  • - credit agreement.
Can pay for loan at any branch of ROSBANK. In this case, it is necessary to have at itself the passport of the citizen of Russia and plastic card that you received at registration of this credit. Instead of cards can use the current account number (sixteen digits) or a credit contract. At the same time depositing funds into the account will be one to three days without a map and with a map funds will be deposited in the same day.
Deposit your money via ATMs of ROSBANK or through the ATMs of its partner banks, which are equipped by function of reception of cash. Here you need to have a Bank card that you received when applying for a loan. The funds are credited instantly.
Use a system of remote banking service "Mobile client-Bank or Internet-Bank". In this case, you will need your card or a credit agreement, as well as a valid Bank account from which you will be able to transfer the necessary funds. In carrying out this charge during working hours funds will be credited on the same day. If payment is made by you at the end of working time, it will be credited to the account only on the next working (week) day.
Deposit funds using terminals "Eleksnet". For this you will need to choose on the terminal screen ROSBANK, and then specify the transaction - cash. In this case, the funds will be transferred to the account depending on the time of the payment. That is, if you have the money to 17:00 on the business day that they are enrolled in the same day. And if you have made a payment after 17:00, the payment must be received on the next working day.
Unable to pay the loan and other banks, but in this case you will be charged a fee for the transfer of funds.