Bad school grades, calls from the teacher, constant fatigue - all this accompanied by the reluctance of the child to go to school and do homework at home. To deal with this need of parents, and the shouting and swearing in this case is absolutely useless. Try to find the cause. They can be a lot - a conflict with a teacher, problems with classmates, lack of understanding in one or more subjects, as well as laziness. If the problems in the teacher, feel free to go to school and communicate with them directly. Find out the origins of hostility and look for a way out of the situation. Problems with their classmates are solved by convening the class meetings and discussions of personal relationships of children in their presence (all of this is done with the participation of the class teacher). If your child does not understand something, you should think about tutoring. First, contact your teacher - most likely he will not refuse to help you. Laziness is often seen in children and adolescents. Find out what causes it. Perhaps the child is overwhelmed by the many circles, as a tutor and sections. In this case, discuss with him what he'd wanted to refuse. Most importantly, don't insist - he always has an opinion that he should be allowed to Express. If laziness is not tied to something specific, you have to begin the formation of motivation.Motivation your child should not be limited to monetary awards for each received five. Start to explain, why do we need the study: this erudition, good work and wage in the future, and today - the respect and confidence of peers. Not be amiss for the year to fulfill one wish of your child, let him aspire to something.Do homework together. In the fight with laziness and lack of understanding, sit down with your child for completing assignments a few nights in a row. It will be nice to know that parents will always come to the rescue. In addition, you can learn complicated tasks and will give Chad a couple of extra hours.