To see a list of your recently opened on your computer files, use menu item "Recent documents". Please note that the collection of statistics on opening of files can be turned off on your computer or some files could be deleted from the corresponding paragraph, so this information could be considered unreliable.
In cases when you want to view recent documents in a specific format, which the computer was carried out in a certain period of time, select the search by date of changes to certain directories of the hard disk by typing in the search parameters, the type of file. This is useful in cases when you want to view, for example, the last opened recordings or photographs, in their search, you can track their location by right-clicking and choosing the context menu "Open the folder that contains the object."
If you need to view the recent documents in the operating system Windows Seven, click on "My computer", then in the favorites section, review the content of the menu, there will display the last visited directory in which you opened any files.
To view the recent documents that were opened with the help of certain programs installed on your computer operating system Windows Seven, click "start" and choose among elements to the right of the desired program, press the right arrow and you will see in the right part of the window names of recently used files.
Please note that this feature is available only for your most frequent used programs in the current operating system for this user, which are displayed in the start menu when it starts.