You will need
  • Program WinRAR archiver.
First you need to extract all files from archive in empty folder. Most likely, if the file opens on your computer software installed the WinRAR archiver. If not, install it. WinRAR is a shareware program allowing you to use basic functions even after a 40-day period of free use.
To extract the files, right-click the mouse on the file and in context menu select "extract to "archive name"". Then in the directory where the archive folder is automatically created with the same name as the archive name. On the screen you will see the band level decompression in percent.
As soon as it reaches 100% and disappears, select the created folder and click right mouse button. In the context menu click "Create archive". You will see a window with settings options the future of the archive. In the lower left corner of the window you will see a drop down list with adjusted volume. You can choose from the volumes by default (1,31 MB, 90 MB, 700 MB, 4.3 GB) or ask your volume, then click “OK”. The archive file will be created and divided into several equal parts, of partof, with your chosen file size. All parts of the archive will be in the same directory as the folder you put it in the archive.
After you finish creating and breaking archives, a folder with files will be dubbing the archives and can be removed.