You will need
  • Archiver WinRAR.
Open Windows Explorer by double-clicking the shortcut to "My computer" on the desktop or by pressing shortcut keys WIN + E. Then find the archiveto be split into parts and upload it in WinRAR double click the left mouse button.
Expand "Operation menu archiveatora and select "Convert archive". This action assigned hotkeys ALT + Q, you can use them.
Click "Compression" in the properties window, and the archiveATOR will show the "General" tab of the panel settings procedure package file.
Look in the lower left corner of this tab that says "Split to volumes (bytes)". Below it is placed a dropdown list which contains a few frequently used options to limit the size of parts of the archiveand select the most suitable one. If not, type into this field the desired value. For example, to split the archive into files with a maximum size of fifty megabytes, enter the value "50 m" (without the quotes). Please note that the letter "m" must be written in lowercase. The letter "M" in upper case the program will be interpreted as "one million bytes". To specify size in kilobytes meant a small letter "k" and big letter "K" can be used to denote thousand of bytes.
Click the "OK" button, the program starts the conversion process simple archiveand multivolume. By the end of it in the same folder a set of files with the same name as the source archive, but with an insertion of the sequence number of the volume before extension rar part0001, part0002, etc. Forthe archiveof funding does not matter which of the files you will start the procedure run any of them and WinRAR will determine the correct sequence.