In some cases, be useful running

If a person has set a goal to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and legs, in this case it would be more useful running. So while running also strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and thorax, it is necessary to alternate different styles of movement, for example, high lift of the knee, with zahlest, etc. To strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system, endurance training will also be more useful running than walking. It improves lung function and strengthens the heart muscle. During exercise the blood is saturated with oxygen, its movement accelerated, it contributes to the improvement of all the vital processes in the body.

You should know that while running, there is always a moment when both feet are off the ground, then running with all my weight landing on one leg. If a person is overweight, the spine when it is under load, and therefore, the long run often lead to injuries. Jogging can also be contraindicated for people having problems with blood or eye pressure, cardiovascular system, people with asthma, leg injuries, elderly. In any case of any health problems before starting a Jogging exercise, you must consult a doctor.

What to choose: run or walk

In an urban environment have to do Jogging on asphalt, it leads to trauma of the spine and feet, so in this case health is considered to be more safe walking. While walking the spine does not feel pressure because your feet are always in contact with the ground. At first, you should also give preference to a fast walk until my muscles get stronger.

When comparing the efficiency of running and walking for weight loss, in principle, it is possible to lose weight and with daily walking, and the systematic Jogging. The difference is in the time - running is faster to burn fat, walk more slowly. The best option would be alternating running with walking. And Jogging, and walking need to be addressed systematically, at least 3 times a week for at least an hour.

Recently, scientists agree that weight loss is brisk walking is preferable to Jogging. It was calculated that burning of fat occurs at a certain heart rate. If it is too high, this mode of training improves endurance of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, however, is not conducive to fat burning. When walking it is possible to achieve such a pace of lessons, in which the pulse will be 120-140 beats per minute, this corresponds to the optimal value at which the burning of body fat.