Loss of appetite

Each serving of soda is causing spikes of insulin in the body, because of this you are more likely to experience hunger and feel of fullness from less food. When you stop drinking soda, your metabolism improves and you are better able to eat and not feel regular hunger.

Youthful appearance

Those who regularly drink soda, the cells rejuvenate worse. In fact, the soda brings the body harm such as Smoking, regularly drinking soda, people usually look older. If you completely give up soda, you will eventually acquire a more youthful appearance. So you not only benefit your body but will be able to significantly save on anti-aging cosmetics.


Of course, in any diets are not advised to drink carbonated beverages. However, some continue to indulge myself with a diet Cola or something like that. You need to understand in soda is harmful not only the availability of calories and sugar that lead to increased insulin production in the body. Giving up soda, you will be able to experience frequent bouts of hunger and lose weight easier.

Your health

Almost every soft drink contains phosphoric acid. This component is aggressive for the microflora in your gut and the more you use phosphoric acid, the more deteriorate your own immunity. Giving up soda you will be able to strengthen their own health and to return the beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, the phosphoric acid weakens bones and the leaching of calcium from your body. If you regularly drink beverages with phosphoric acid, that weaken bone and make the job of kidneys, which is largely dependent on the amount of calcium in the body.

Your activity

One of the components of carbonated drinks is often the caffeine and other stimulants. People who receive small doses on a regular basis are more prone to stress and are more likely to experience fatigue. If you drink plain water, you are more energetic compared to these people.