However, despite the pleasant feeling when drinking carbonated water, artificial aeration has a number of other advantages. Non-carbonated liquid is more susceptible to microorganisms. Moreover, due to the use of carbon dioxide stimulates the digestive processes. Although this is its advantage may apply in a disadvantage. In people with hyperacidity of the stomach can often cause heartburn when drinking soda water. Carbon dioxide can cause burning in the esophagus and larynx, and also have a negative impact on the condition of the stomach. In such cases, the best option would be a waiver of sparkling water.

Widely used beverages with various flavors. Unfortunately, though this product comes under the names of the major brands of mineral water, it is not. The basis of such drinks is the water extracted from spring sources. Under the current legislation, manufacturers of beverages containing mineral water is not allowed to add aromatic impurities, so that the product is not lost their natural useful properties.

In similar flavors a whole list of different chemical compounds, various synthetic flavors, and sugar. Use of products with such a composition is undesirable for Allergy sufferers.

Water may contain more than 50 kinds of mineral components that can serve to preserve the acid-alkaline balance in severe illness or intense training. The minerals in the water help to maintain the vitality and normal metabolism.

Drinking mineral water is very good for the body, but for diabetics, hypertensive patients, people with diseases of the liver and kidney, should be more attentive to the selection of mineral water and stop at containing least amount of sodium.

In General, the mineral components in the water are mostly positive qualities. However, people observed the doctor with a chronic or serious diseases, you should carefully consider the choice of water and consult a specialist.