Simple toasted baguette

There is nothing easier. Should be cut into slices with a thickness of about a centimeter every loaf (sliced, French) and fry them in a pan in vegetable oil. Can be browned on a dry pan, then on each piece we have to put a bit of butter - it melts and makes the toast taste better.

The rye bread toast

The cooking principle is the same - cut into slices, fry in butter or without it. The taste is different (for someone, perhaps for the worse), but for fans it will come down. In addition, this option is best for those who follow the figure - rye bread is lower in calories, and if you exclude oil, the dish turns out quite diet.

Garlic bread

Fry the pieces of bread on the oil, which until then was heated cloves of garlic - this will give a spicy flavor and a light garlic flavor. For a more intense flavor palette garlic can be crushed and leave the pan during the frying bread. The main thing is not to overdo it on the fire that was not burnt particles.

Egg toast

Bread, fried in egg and more popular in our country than the rest of the suggested options. To cook it also is not difficult. You have to whip a couple of eggs, add salt and your favorite spices, and dip in the mixture the slices of bread and fry it. In beaten eggs add a little milk or cream - so the taste will be more tender, and the bread softer.

Toast cooking pasta

Ready simple toast can be spread with something tasty and this "something" are limited only by your imagination and budget. Here are just a small part of the possible paste for spreads:

  • processed cheese with herbs (Basil, dill, parsley)
  • cheese with mayonnaise and garlic
  • sour cream with grated cheese
  • chocolate paste
  • whipped cream with fruit pieces

Any pasta spread on toast immediately or shortly (20 minutes) before use. Otherwise, the bread will soak the liquid and get soggy. Beautifully designed pieces of toasted bread with a delicious pasta can be a worthy addition to the holiday table, while expending the minimum of effort.