You will need
    • bread;
    • sunflower oil;
    • a clove of garlic;
    • spices;
    • cheese;
    • garlic sauce;
    • greens.
Take brown bread (fans can take the white) and cut it into small cubes (if you plan to eat them with cheese) or thin strips (if you dip the toast in the sauce).
Clean the cloves of garlic. In the pan pour vegetable oil, put on fire. Once pan is hot, drop in the butter and the garlic and fry it until then, until the cloves will be Golden. Remove the garlic from the pan and discard.
Carefully dip your bread into the boiling oil. Cook until the bread is not browned on a pan, it will take about half a minute, so in the cooking process better should not be distracted by extraneous things.
Flip the croutons and let them brown on the other side. If you want you can add spices – black pepper, curry.
Put the finished French toast in the pan in which they will bring to the table. If you plan to eat them cold, put in a large flat dish. Toast will cool down faster, and all the members a big company it will be easier to take them. If you want them warm, choose a deep bowl in which the toast will cool down not so fast.
Once you have posted the finished croutons, immediately put on the frying pan a new batch.
After you have cooked the whole batch of toast, you can slice little pieces of cheese and put on toasted bread. While the toasts are hot, he will have time to melt and freeze. If you don't plan to eat them with cheese, can serve the garlic sauce in small bowls, where the French toast can be dipped. The finished dish garnish with croutons herbs – parsley, Basil, oregano. On the edges you can put chopped fresh vegetables – cucumbers, sweet pepper. Don't forget to put on the table napkins as the sauce and sunflower oil, which were roasted croutons, will drip and run down hands. Bon appetit!