You will need
  • - white bread toast 2 slices
  • cheese salt 30 grams
  • - 3 chicken eggs
  • - half a Cup of milk
  • - olives 4 pieces
  • Sol
  • - ground pepper
  • - parsley
The first thing you need to prepare the ground for French toast. To do this, using a whisk beat milk and egg into the mixture, add salt and pepper.
Slices of bread are round holes with glass. You can also cut holes using molds for cookies. On Valentine's day has already become a classic hole in the bread cut in the shape of hearts. However, to be feeling this way it is possible not only during the holidays. Each piece of food to the bread on both sides, quickly dipped in the prepared mixture.
Heat the pan with olive or other vegetable oil to make a medium heat and fry one side of bread approximately 5 minutes.
Flip the bread on the skillet and break 1 egg into each slice. In the middle of the toast, put sliced olives. On low heat with the lid closed to cook for approximately 7 minutes.
When the eggs and toast cooked through to the desired consistency, you need to sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Also sprinkle with grated cheese in advance.
Toast laid out on a plate and decorated with sprigs of greenery. Parts of the toast that remained to eat with cheese.