But, in recent years, the incidence of swine flu, salmonellosis, pork tapeworm, facts and rumors about them working not in favor of pork. To put everything in its place will help the opinions of nutritionists, virologists, farmers and doctors, which can be combined in a single list.

  1. The swine flu virus is very dangerous and mutates rapidly, therefore, you should purchase meat and meat products from pigs that have passed veterinary and bacteriological control, and grown on natural feed.
  2. Lean pork may be used in diets, because it is quickly digested and well absorbed by the intestine. But, it is helpful to use no more than 200-250 grams of pork meat a day, because it contains hormonal active substances, and those, in turn, lead to deposition of fat.
  3. Ways of cooking are different. But, it is worth remembering that the optimum in terms of safety is boiling. With any method of cooking is necessary to watch, that was not the pink juice before eating. For example, the kebab is very delicious due to its richness, but dangerous from the point of view of sanitary norms.
  4. To give children well-treated pork, removing fat, 100 gr. a day.
  5. 100 gr. pork contains 37% of the daily value of zinc.
  6. Pork is recognized as a natural antidepressant, because neutralizes the cells responsible for negative emotions.
  7. Cooked pork meat promotes the production of breast milk in nursing mothers.
  8. The nutrients contained in the piece of pork: iron, zinc, magnesium, protein and phosphorus. They tone the body and support natural defense against disease and stress.
  9. The meat of a young animal is more useful than the old, it's not that hard, contains less fat and unpleasant odor. Preparing faster and easier to digest.
  10. Canned meat can be stored for 3-4 years, and change its material composition. Use is unchanged.

Eating pork, observing the sanitary rules, it is possible to maintain the strength of the immune system and provide diet every day. Don't forget about food safety, choosing a product in the markets or enterprises.