What part of pork to use and for what meals

After the pig slaughtering, butchers, butchering its carcass is about 40 parts. Each of them has their own advantages, if you know how to cook. So, for the soup is better to use pork ribs, bones with little meat on them, the shoulder blade or leg. And for making jelly are more like legs.

The best goulash is obtained from the shoulder, ham, loin or loin – fat of the carcass. These pieces of pork can also be used for cooking cutlets, chops and minced meatball and roast. The blade is generally considered the most rigid part of the pork, so it needs to be exposed to prolonged heat treatment – quenching or brewing.

But better to brine pork ribs, neck, Shin, shank or rear part of the loin. For this purpose also suitable pork tongue and, of course, brisket. The latter, located on either side of the abdomen just behind the shoulder and represents a piece of bacon with layers of meat.

Barbecue is best done from the cervix – this part of the pork has marbling through which the meat on the fire turns out juicy. For roasting a large piece best suited leg – the meaty part of the carcass, which is a pork cheek. However, today, ham is usually issued back podatok located just above the knee. Of ham you can cook a delicious baked ham or meatloaf.

Steaks, chops, schnitzel and splints also should be prepared from a leg and medallions and saute the cutlets from the loin. Then these dishes are especially juicy, soft and delicious. The usual burgers, in principle, can be prepared from almost any meaty parts of pork. And for more fat in them is to add a bit of pork loin.

How to choose good pork

Pork is good because it is soft. Only very old animal can be a tough meat. However, when buying there is a danger to not fresh product, thawed, which naturally affects the quality of meat. To avoid this, you should choose soft pieces of uniform light pink color with no bruising. When pressed on the meat pit to recover quickly and return to natural color, not filled with blood and fluid. The smell of fresh pork nice and not too obvious. If the meat smells rotten or makes other unpleasant odors, from buying it should be abandoned.