Beef has a rough fibrous texture and distinct marbling, and the tissue has a light yellow color and specific smell. Boil the beef makes a nice rich flavor, but its taste is quite weak, besides her harsh and lean meats is best suited for cutlet and dumplings of minced meat, as well as boiling and stewing. Nutritionists recommend eating the lean beef people seeking to lose weight.

Beef is cleaved at high temperature, so that during its use the liver, pancreas and biliary tract are forced to work hard.

First, the beef must be present in the diet of people who lead an active lifestyle or are constantly subjected to physical stress. This is due to the presence in meat of elastin and collagen, low-value proteins, providing a normal as interarticular ligaments. In addition, beef is essential for people with reduced immunity and iron deficiency anemia, because it contains in its composition gennoe iron and zinc. The abuse of beef is fraught with an overload of the gastrointestinal tract and the development of cardiovascular diseases.


Pork meat has a fine-fibrous structure, a soft texture and white fat layer with a very low odor. Fatty and tender pork is most often used for stewing, frying, cooking of chops, meat, kebab and pork. The digestion of pork meat does not cause any particular difficulties from the gastrointestinal tract, since the breakdown of pork fat does not require high temperatures. In addition, pork is a recognized champion on the content of vitamins In and amino acids is lysine, which is essential for the formation and growth of bone tissue.

Pork should be used with caution Allergy sufferers as it can often cause allergic reactions.

To pork brought one benefit, it is necessary to properly use and cook. So, the best way to cook pork in the oven, pre-clearing it from the films and fat. It is very important to ensure that the meat is cooked as well as in raw pork contains a large variety of bacteria that may have on the human body a negative impact. And, finally – the daily rate of consumption of pork should not exceed adult of more than 200 grams.